How Powerful is Afghanistan?


You have lishened about the world superpower countries like America,Russia and Pakistan but this is the hidden most powerfull country,where every person boy,men,ladies all are like an Army.

In previous conference Donald Trump says that things not happens before like now happening during the war with Afghanistan.It is the longest war in the history of America.Kabul is the Capital of Afghanistan which covers 14% of its population,and the 75% peoples are living in Rural areas.Four Major types of peoples living in Afghanistan are Pashtun,Tajik,Hazara and Uzbek and 99.7 % of its population is Islamic.The group of Taliban’s are from Afghanistan who was fighting to protect Usama Bin Laden.Due to proper investment their GDP jumps from 2 billion $ to 20 Billion $ and still growing.


What do you think?

Written by Maria khan

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