Hong Kong Travel Guide

You’ve probably heard that Hong Kong is one of the best places for shopping. However, there’s much more to it than that. From the delicious food to fantastic sceneries from high altitudes, there are so many things that can make your trip to Hong Kong really memorable. With that in mind, here are a few things you should know if you’re planning on visiting this amazing world city.

The best time to visit

No matter when you choose to visit Hong Kong, you’re bound to have a great time. However, to make the most of your vacation, you should set the date between October and March. That’s when the temperatures are cooler and the weather is sunnier, so nothing would be standing in your way of having fun and seeing some amazing sights. Just keep in mind that January and February can be a bit colder, but it’s less likely to rain. So, if you don’t mind a bit of fresher air, you can plan your vacation then too. Of course, there’s never a guarantee when it comes to weather, but there are many ways to have fun even if it rains for a day or two.

What to eat

Hong Kong is also known as the culinary capital of Asia, and for a good reason. No matter what kind of food you like, you are bound to find it here. Even if you prefer to stick to what you know, there are many restaurants serving international dishes. However, it would be a shame not to try some of their local dishes, as they are both unique and delicious. After all, you can’t go to Hong Kong and not try dim sum. Moreover, if you’re into seafood, you will not be hungry here. No matter what you choose to try, all the local food is fresh and definitely worth the trip.

Where to stay

Finding affordable accommodation in Hong Kong is not hard, since there are many great hotels in different price ranges. There are also many hotels that are near the most popular touristic sites. For example, you can stay at Discovery Bay hotel, which is near the local Disneyland as well as Tian Tan Buddha. There is even a bus that goes to Disneyland from the hotel. The hotel is also close to the beach, and it even has a playground for children as well as a swimming pool. This makes it an ideal choice for a relaxing holiday.


You can’t really talk about Hong Kong without mentioning shopping. From modern and luxurious boutiques to traditional stores and street markets, there’s nothing you can’t find in Hong Kong. Whether you’re into clothes, technological gadgets, cosmetics, or food, you can really find everything. Plus, some of the stores are very affordable as well. All in all, make sure to set aside a day or two just for exploring and shopping.


One of the things you should do while in Hong Kong is climb to the top of Victoria Peak. From there, the view is truly breathtaking. You can see Victoria Harbor and downtown Hong Kong, as well the Hong Kong’s skyline. It’s really the best place for Instagram-worthy photos – and for realizing how big Hong Kong really is. As for the climbing, it wouldn’t take too long, but riding an antique tram to the top is a part of the whole experience. As mentioned, Hong Kong also has its own Disneyland, so if you like traveling with kids, this is definitely something you’d all enjoy. Ocean Park is another themed park you can see, and it’s filled with marine animals and fun rides. Lantau Island is also something worth exploring. So, if you’re into hiking or simply enjoying amazing sceneries, take the time to visit this island. All in all, there are many things to see in Hong Kong, so no matter how long your trip is, you would not be bored.

If you’ve started planning your next vacation, Hong Kong should definitely be on your list. It’s a huge world city with many things to offer, regardless of what kind of vacation you are interested in. So, think about the listed things, set the date, and start preparing yourself for a fun and memorable vacation.


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