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Hiking around Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Slovenia

This time I decided to hike on some of the surrounding mountains. My goal was Kriška Gora (1471m), Vrata (1591m) and lastly Tolsti vrh (1715m). I viewed Storžič only from the summit of Tolsti vrh as it was another 2 or 3 hours hike to the rocky summit. I highly reccomend a visit to the natural beauties of Slovenia, but I also must warn that whoever does this kind of hike, must be wearing the right hiking equipment and look for the right weather. Mountains are very high and the weather changes quickly. They are steep summits, but the view pays off once you reach the peak.

View of nearby Storžič from Tolsti vrh. 

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Just to show you how rocky it is, this is taken nearby summit of Vrata. 

View of the valley with small villages from Kriška gora. 

On the way from Kriška gora to Tolsti vrh, taken from a point to show how steep the terrain is. 

View through the nature's door of the Kamnik-Savinja alps.

Very interesting trees on Tolsti vrh, as the nature adapts to the strong winds that blow every day on the summit. 

Another fantastic view to the valley on the other side to Kranj. 

A lovely photo of encijan, a mountain flower. But these flowers are not to be picked, they are only to be looked at.

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  1. All of them is breath-taking. I’ve never been tried to hike for a long time for pleasure. The last time that I went on hiking was when I was in high school planting a tree on the mountain

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