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Glozhene monastery “St. Martyr the Victorious” – mysterious and holy place

One of the most interesting monasteries in Bulgaria is Glozhenikite, located about 10 km. from the village of Glozhene in the Teteven Balkan. It is set on a high stone terrace, separated from the environment by steep and steep rocks.

The monastery was built in XIII and renewed in XV-XVI. It attracted visitors from Bucharest, Focsani and Craiova in Romania. According to a written unconfirmed plot, it was founded by the Kiev prince Georgi Glogo, who was persecuted by the Tatars and moved to these places with the permission of Ivan Assen II. He founded the village of Glozhene and one kilometer away from the village and a small fortress and monastery dedicated to St. Transfiguration. It seems that the monastery survived until the arrival of the Turks (and according to some until the seventeenth century), after which it was abandoned.

It seems that at the beginning of the 18th century a new monastery was built – “St. George the Victorious”. To escape the Turks’ assaults, the monks raised their cloister to the tall, rugged rock terrace at 808 meters above sea level.

During the Ottoman rule it declined, but before the 19th century it became again a cultural and educational center. The original monastery church suffered greatly during the two strong earthquakes in 1904 and 1913. The current temple was built in 1931 in place of an old church destroyed by the 1913 earthquake.


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