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Galicia and its beauties

The north of Spain has a lot of things to be proud of! Its imposant nature compares to the beauties of Switzerland. The unbelievable landscapes, the mountains, the beaches, even the villages are so popular among the tourists. Galicia is the leading region in Spain when the quality of food is in question. It is the place where one can try the best prepared sea food combined with a good Spanish wine or even their traditional Estrella Galicia beer, something they are so proud of!

It is a beautiful piece of land located above Portugal which capital city is Santiago de Compostela, well known for the Camino de Santiago or the walking road of Santiago. It has a lot of rainy days per year which is the reason for the green areas and the beautiful nature Galicia is famous for!

Their local language is a perfect mixture of Spanish and Portuguese, influenced by the geographical location, however a dialect of the Spanish language. The local people are so friendly and welcoming with the visitors, making you feel like at home.


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