Exploring the Wonder with Taj Mahal India Tours

One of the iconic monuments that are necessary to visit while planning to visit India is Taj Mahal. It is situated in the eastern part of the city and on the southern bank of the Yamuna River. The artwork on this monument which can only be experienced when visited in person. This place is so beautiful that it remains crowded throughout the year. The place famous all over the globe that’s why a million users come to visit.

There are 3 entry gates of Taj Mahal. That are the east gate, west gate, and the south gate. The east gate located near the hotels, which mostly remains crowded, the west gate which remains less crowded during the sunset and the south gate located near the market area and doesn’t open until 8 a.m. In the middle of 23 feet wide plinth, because of white marble, it looks beautiful with the sunlight as well as moonlight. With this, nearly four identical facades arsing to 108 feet are so adorable.

Such a place is so beautiful that Taj Mahal India tour packages are increasing with its demand day by day. The trip to India without visiting Taj Mahal, make visitors feel incomplete and lead to a lack of satisfaction. Interior is organized around octagonal marble chamber with calligraphy all around. This monument is basically a symbol of love as was built by a famous Mughal emperor in memory of his pretty dear wife Mumtaz. One of the seven worlds of wonder, Mahal was completed in 1653 and since after that this type of beauty is never sawn and built. After 3 centuries beauty of Taj Mahal remains the same.

The front of the Mahal is enhanced with char Bagh garden, when viewed from the front it appears to deviate from the norms as it is placed in the center of the garden. Visiting here is best to go before 6 a.m. as starts to get crowded very fast.  You can spend a great time there chilling out with your family and friends. It is just 200 km far from Delhi and a day or two is more than enough to spend there.

Parks are filled with children playing, adults chilling out. Everyone desires to have small change from daily routine life but visiting Taj Mahal is a totally different experience. But remember tripods, large bags, food, smoking items, lighter, video camera are not allowed inside the mahal so don’t carry such items.

You can easily find people getting crazy for photos their and may ask you also to get clicked. Getting clicked results in getting memorable and beautiful pictures. Though it is not possible to capture the beauty of Mahal in your mobile or cameras you will get mad one you reach there. This stunning view is not possible that can be recreated. Book your Taj Mahal India Tours Packages now and visit Check out more such blogs at. travel inspiration blog


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