Experience Calmness and Peace, Here are the Best Things to Do at Lake Garda!

If you are a person with a deep admiration of emotions and feelings for mother nature and its immense exquisiteness, then there is a place like God’s own home for you!

The heart of Northern Italy can be your perfect destination, offering astonishing, stunning, and mesmerizing landscapes. If you have guessed it correctly, then you know, Lake Garda is home to those who want a calm lifestyle and fall in love freely.

The Famous Italian lake has inspired millions, including the famous Greek and Latin poets since ancient times. Located at a brilliant place, the climate and the surrounding landscapes of Lake Garda is a perfect reminder of the reminiscent era.

The morainic hills of the south, the multitude of olive groves and vineyards, the flowers’ color, and especially the bougainvillea, and the history, are narrated of the abundant fortune and heritage of the lake.

The picturesque beauty of the place is unimaginable and offers beautiful dream locations like Bardolino, Lazise, Sirmione, Padenghe Sul Garda, Salo, Torri del Benaco. The Roman villa belonging to the famous Latin poet is located at the most extreme and panoramic point of Sirmione from which you can enjoy a breath-taking view of the lake.

Lake Garda has always been a very dynamic real estate market and has attracted tourists from across the globe who wish to own a property at this charming place. Rental and sale deals at Villa Lake Garda can grant all your wishes!

But if you wonder what you will do around, here is a list of activities you can consider to indulge in once you plan to settle or visit Lake Garda for holidays!

Paragliding: Hire an experienced pilot to guide you on a free flight over the beautiful landscapes and enchanting views of Lake Garda and surrounding areas. The place is perfect for indulging in most audacious activities.

Villa Calicantus: Set a little back from the shores, amidst a sea of undulating vineyards and rolling green hills, pastoral Villa Calicantus offers some of the region’s most skillful wines. Head down to the villa and enjoy regular wine tasting sessions and guided tours to vineyards.

Olive Oil Museum: Lake Garda is famous for quality olive oil production. So, missing it would not be very reasonable. This is your place if you’re a local food enthusiast or excited to see the process of olive oil farming and production. Audio & video guides trace the evolution from Sicily during the ancient era of Greece to Lake Garda in the Roman period.

Pista Ciclo-pedonale Lazise-Bardolino: Spare some time and take a stroll on the paths or bike around the lake. You’ll enjoy shoreline of Lake Garda like a local. Route from Ciclo-Pedonale to Lazise-Bardolino is best for cycling and offers some seriously breathtaking views.

San Martino Tower: Inaugurated on 15th October 1893, this is a monument to Italy and Italianness and is worth paying a visit. It’s majestic stature & artistic quality will leave you awed. This monument belongs to the ‘Risorgimento,’ a period of Italian unification.

Gardaland: It is the best-known amusement park in Italy, serving every guest’s wishes & dreams. The diversity of rollercoasters, restaurants, and general thematic areas is a perfect adrenaline-pump for adventure junkies.

Sirmione: This is the only peninsula on Lake Garda and offers mesmerizing views. It is one of the most historic villages on the lake. It is certainly worth visiting if you wish to combine some history, local nature, and unforgettable charm of the place.

Spa: Spas at Lake Garda are unmissable. Local residing in nearby cities spend time here in various spas that are scattered around the lake. Lake Garda offers a picturesque view of the perfect relaxation and thermal baths with the sun shining in summers and snow in winter.

Bastion: Located in Riva del Garda, Bastion rises from a hilltop and offers panoramic views of the area and city below. The tower dates back to 1508, and has a quite easy to go along the road among the greenery and woods!


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