Everyday Outdoor Adventure Ideas for Everyone to Try

People invest too much time into planning. If you want to go on an adventure, it can be a short sojourn into the unknown over the weekend – it can last for a few hours or two days. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t think big, but the concept of an adventure is much broader than people tend to think. 

It can be any activity that involves visiting a new and unknown place: the experience that will leave you elated and reinvigorated for the time being. After all, venturing into the lush outdoors is actually good for your health. If your inspiration well is bone-dry, here are some everyday outdoor adventure ideas for everyone to try.

Free your mind – do whatever you can think of

The possibilities for outdoor lovers are practically endless. A hunt for the most scenic landmarks you can find can be an adventure in and of itself, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to whether you are about to venture out solo or in a group. 

Camping is an amazing communal activity, while hiking is a wonderful meditative experience for solo soul-searchers. If it’s the middle of the summer, you can go on a hunt for a body of water to dive into or reach the invigorating shades of the ancient forests in the local national parks. Now, since the topic of outdoor adventures is taking center stage…

Urban escapades

Cities are full of stories. From the hippest neighborhoods to rustic downtowns and abandoned buildings – the sprawling cobwebs of streets where humans congregate are dynamic environments that can be just as captivating as the most resplendent national parks. The key thing is to stick to the outdoors.

Don’t wait – pack up, hop into a car with a friend or a loved one (or an entire family) and choose the closest city that you never visited as your destination. Emboldened by technology, you can go pretty much anywhere and learn about anything, in real-time, without ever getting lost.

Hike with a clear goal

Aimless hiking can be wonderful if you are trying to solve a problem or deal with an issue, but if you want to embark on an adventure, having a clear goal in mind might be a prudent decision, whether you are going with the group or solo.

For example, choose the nearest national park with long and winding trails and do an online search of landmarks that it has. Is there a scenic waterfall somewhere along the way? This proverbial waterfall can be a goal of your hiking adventure and an appropriate serene reward for your effort. You might just want to put swimwear into your backpack, just in case.

Sunset barbecue

Do you want to unwind with a group of friends? How about a sunset barbecue on a spectacular clearing? It doesn’t matter if this clearing is located in the middle of a plain or at the top of a mountain, the goal is to find a spot with the widest, open sky and set-up a modest fire pit (unless it is a protected natural reserve, of course).  You can bring music and all conceivable sources of entertainment you can muster for a long and lazy afternoon of barbecuing that is topped-off with a sunset-watching. Gawk at the countless colors of the dusk and commemorate this occasion with a group photograph in front of a fiery horizon.


Start small and see where it takes you. Adventure is about the feeling, not the logistics. With some rudimentary preparation and eagerness to explore, you can easily look just beyond the borders of your cities in search of intriguing landmarks. Almost every county can be a treasure trove of undiscovered wonders, let alone an entire state.


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