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Enjoy Some Winter Views of Oregon

For a change of pace, I thought I might share some winter pictures from Oregon. Although I consider myself to be a Montanan, I originally came from Oregon and I know that many people who might view these pictures might never see the state. All of these images were from March 9, 2019.

The pictures  I have are from all over the state and are from public webcams. 

In terrain, Oregon is a lot like Montana, except that the mountains in Montana are the Rockies. There are two mountain chains in Oregon; the Cascades and the coastal range. Oregon also has a lot of shoreline on the Pacific Ocean and Montana obviously has no ocean shoreline. 

There are a lot more people in Oregon than in Montana, but most of them live in or around the three largest cities; Eugene, Salem, and Portland. Because of this, you might get the impression that many of these pictures are very similar to pictures I’ve shared of Montana, and you’d be right. 

To do it justice, it will take more than one post to give an idea of what Oregon is like. This first set focuses primarily on Southern Oregon.


What do you think?


Written by Rex Trulove

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        • You’d love it here, then. The people are also incredibly friendly and helpful, too. There are about 780 people in our town and around 1,000 in the entire valley. I can go five miles and be in places where there are no signs of man. The downside is that the next larger town, the county seat, is 24 miles away and the nearest population center is 57 miles. People here think nothing of traveling for an hour or more to get anywhere. Of course, that requires reliable transportation, which we don’t have.

    • I think I misread your statement, though my answer wasn’t incorrect. Yes, the US is very large and many of the states are, too. Oregon is the 9th largest state, so not even close to the two largest (Alaska and Texas, in that order). Still, a person who travels from Oregon’s Pacific coast and goes directly east for 300 miles/480 km would still be in Oregon. If the person started out at the Oregon-California border and traveled due north toward Washington for 300 miles, they’d also still be in Oregon.

      Lake County, Oregon, is larger than the entire states of Connecticut, Delaware, or Rhode Island. I wasn’t correct in saying that Lake County was the largest county in Oregon, though. It is the third largest. However, the four largest counties in the state are right next to each other and they all are right against the southern Oregon border. They are, in order, Harney County, Malheur County, Lake County, and Klamath County.

      All together, those four counties cover about 33,908 square miles, which is more area than any of the 10 smallest states in the US.

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