Djurgården Island

If you would be looking for the perfect place to relax or to enjoy many different attractions in one place then that would be Djurgarden Island in Stockholm, Sweden. This is a tranquil oasis right in the middle of the city. Let us take a look at what we can find there.

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Grona Lund is an interesting amusement park. Even though it is not very big is offers such fascinating rides like “Insane” a vertical spinning roller coaster and “Pop Expression” a flat ride spinning fast to disco music.

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The ABBA Museum featuring everything you wanted to know about the popular Swedish pop band from the 1970s. They became well-known after winning the Eurovision Song contest and became popular in England, the U.S., and Australia. Visitors can also purchase many souvenirs.

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Here you can find the first open-air museum and zoo in Sweden, Skansen. You’ll see 150 farmsteads and dwellings that show how traditional Swedish villages looked in the past. At the zoo, there are 75 different species of Scandinavian animals. Some animals, like geese and horses, move about the zoo. Festivals celebrated here include Midsummer, Nation Day and Christmas.

The Vasa Museum is a museum featuring maritime history and has a 17th-century warship on display. Visitors can see a collection of belongings and decorations taken from inside this ship. At one time a Vasa ship was a widely recognized symbol of prosperity and power.

If you are bird lover then a great place to see is Isbladskarret which in translation means Ice Sheet Bay, but there is really no ice on the bay. It is a small lake in the middle of Stockholm that is home to many bird species among them the mute swan, gadwall, geese, peewit and thrush nightingale. There are also over 100 owls living in the forest.

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The Nordic Museum highlights Swedish work and traditions from the 1520s to the present. It’s the largest museum of cultural history in the region. Exhibitions show the Swedish lifestyle in the past.

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Junibacken is a museum for children and has become one of the city’s most visited tourist attractions. Here visitors can see toys and cartoon characters. Storybook Square pulls you into a world of fantasy. A living exhibition lets children play with and climb on anything they see. It includes the largest children’s bookstore in Sweden, where parents can by educational books for their children.

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Have a relaxing time at the Royal Djurgarden Park. Here is a mix of parkland and forest with a canal and a harbor. It is a great place for picnics. The garden is particularly lovely at sunset.

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Nearby is the Rosendals Tradgard where you can enjoy the beauty of nature and find out how different cultures affect gardening through history. There is a fruit garden and a rose garden with over 100 species of roses.

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Prince Eugen’s Waldemarsudde was the former residence of Prince Eugen. Today it is one of the most popular art museums in Sweden, displaying Prince Eugen’s contemporary art collection.


The Top 10 Things To See And Do In Djurgården, Stockholm


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    • I always try to find the best photos I can but they are not mine. The best thing about Djugarden is that you have many attractions to choose from and all in one area Branka.

  1. Marvellous post about my favorite Djurgarden Island! Was in Skansen and saw Grona Lund from water during boat trip some years ago! The ABBA Museum, Isbladskarret and the Royal Djurgarden Park are my dream destinatons!