Discovering the Atlantic Ocean

Well, I know I did not discover it but that is how I felt. When I first arrived here in Daytona Beach, Florida my friends kept telling me to go explore They said that Daytona Beach was not far from where we lived. I had just gone to the main avenue and into some stores. So bravely I went further and Eureka, I discovered the Atlantic Ocean. They were right it is practically right by our doorstep. 

This was taken standing on the beach and looking toward the Oceanfront Mall which has all kinds of stores in those very colorful buildings. 

Here are some of the gulls who love the beach. As you can see one of them in front is looking at me with surprise. They see the ocean every day and they could not figure out why I was so excited suddenly. 

Finally the Atlantic Ocean with the waves rolling in. To me it really was rather exciting. 

The awesome and lovely park right by the Daytona Beach. A wonderful place for walking and catching the ocean breezes.

Doesn't that just make you want to run out on the beach and greet the waves coming in? 

The awesome clock tower walking along the boardwalk. 

There it is the Atlantic Ocean. Love it every time I see it. 

Finally a reminder of where we've been. Here you can see the Welcome to Daytona Beach sign. Hope you enjoyed the walk to the Atlantic Ocean. 

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