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Discover Hai Van Pass Danang-VietNam

The natural boundary between Thua Thien Hue Province and Danang City to the north, Hai Van Pass is considered ‘the best’ by travelers as it passes through this central and sunny Central Coast.

Walking is afraid of Hai VanSea bats are afraid of tsunami waves. Hai Van Pass, one of the places that many young travelers love to explore and explore the most in this area. The city center. Da Nang about 20km, this road attracts a lot of young people come to conquer. With terrain quite rugged,Sluggish slopes stimulate the conquering people.

Dubbed as “Thien Ha First Hung Quan” on the way across the North to the South, Hai Van has always been an impressive place. This is the highest pass in the Pass in Vietnam (about 500m above sea level),full of rugged and also the last mountain of a Truong Son circuit pierced the sea.

There are places where the height of the gap, the scenic shimmering, fanciful as Hai Van. The road is winding, winding along the mountainside, winding like silk stripes across the sky. Based on the name, it is enough to imagine Hai Van as the world of wind and clouds.

Hai Van is a grandiose nature painting created by the miracle of creation and man’s hand that creates harmony. Visitors are not surprised by the majestic scenery, steep mountain pass, mountainous terrain, deep forest, murmuring streams, fresh climate. Khen who smartly named the place: Hai Van (Clouds).There are many clouds cover the cloud cover tangerine as clinging to visitors.


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Written by Ngoc Tran