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The Deer in Richmond Park

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Richmond Park is another park in the line-up of the eight Royal Parks and the largest and it takes up the biggest enclosed space in London. The park is a most delightful place which is home to a National Nature Reserve and a European Special Area of Conservation.

Richmond Park takes up 2,500 acres and is the residence of 650 deer. There are hills and woodlands with many ancient trees and plants, animals and even butterflies.

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For golf enthusiasts, there are two golf courses and at Pen Ponds there is fishing. The park also has horse-riding tracks and a path for cyclists. There are playgrounds for children to enjoy.

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The Isabella Plantation has an organic woodland garden and people can sit down and eat at Pembroke Lodge which is a Georgian mansion that offers spectacular views and seating in the garden. Other places to eat include Roehampton Cafe or any of the refreshment kiosks. This park has gates which are open to motor traffic with speed allowed at only 20 mph.

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Richmond Park includes Pen Ponds which is a lake that is divided by a causeway and it is a great place to view water birds.

Holly Lodge with Holly Lodge Centre to advance the education and enjoyment of visitors especially those with special needs and it also offers the Victorian history and heritage information of the park.

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The highest point in Richmond Park is King Henry’s Mound and is found in the public gardens of Pembroke Lodge. The mound was named after Henry VIII of England.

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In 2002 along came a”musical bench” which was placed in the Poet’s Corner as a tribute to Ian Dury a lyricist and a rock-and-roll singer. The amazing thing about this bench is that it was designed to let visitors plug-in and be able to listen to eight of Dury’s songs as well as to an interview.

Besides deer, there are also squirrels, rabbits, snakes, frogs, toads, stag beetles, and woodpeckers in the park. Through Richmond Park are around 30 ponds. Beverley Brook gathers deer and smaller animals and there are water grasses and water lilies. The park is protected by a charity and member organization known as The Friends of Richmond Park.


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