Death by Facebook? Well, not exactly…more like death by smart phone. Are such things possible? Well, certainly in Pattaya they are.

My source tells me that a group of mainly Korean tourists was crossing a road in Pattaya at midnight and one in the group was reading his phone when he was hit by a Russian (Thai girlfriend in tow) on a large motorbike. Everyone went down. No one arose.

Three young people dead. Death by speed. Violent, bloody deaths. Three nationalities.

Many ironies for us, none for the families and friends.

Irony number one : smart phone needs using smartly. Irony number two : an international accident here in Isaany Pattaya. Irony number three : Social media stop communication forever threesomely.

Sure there are other ironies out there like holidays leading to tragedies but enough’s enough.

Looking through Google for images for tourists on holiday in Pattaya (for a blog on my friend Costa), I happened upon year 2007, two Russian girls relaxing in deckchairs on Jomtien Beach, both shot through the heart. Yep, “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft a-gley;..”


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