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Dances and monuments- Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain

Hello friends

Today I present Euskal Dantza (Basque dances)

Dances like music is always present in our parties.

Although the holidays are over today I put the dances.

Boys and girls dance through the streets of the old town

In pairs and with peasant costumes.

They make party mornings happy.

We went out to seven streets the old city center to see them.

They are ancient dances thanks to the harvest and life.

In the background we can see the cathedral of Santiago.

Our little pearl and meeting place for all of us.

Gothic style stands in the square pointing to the sky

Even gargoyles seem to enjoy music and dances.

This one almost seems to have come alive by opening your eyes, I’m not sure it won’t wiggle and go down to dance.

They dance in a circle, raising their feet from the ground.

We do not dance but our feet also wiggle.

Here we can see the steps.

The shoes are called espadrilles.Made of esparto and cloth, it was what they used to wear before and at parties they cannot be missed.We had a song that said:There is nothing else…

 What espadrilles and raining.Because if by chance the rain visited us very normal thing in my city the espadrilles fell apart and you almost had to buy some for each day.

Everyone is happy and happy

.They dancing others enjoying and many as you can see with the photograph.

Tourism gradually takes over the place, which I like

You have to bend down a little to photograph in another way where you can almost see the entire cathedral.It is not very good to photograph since there is not much space.

But it is worth squeezing against the crouched wall.You may look like a weirdo but you always get something different.

What would happen to me without a camera in my hand?

I am not a woman of letters and I have a hard time complying with the requirements of these tickets.

I have to make a real effort.But I hope you like it.

And after the dances I invite you to have a snack on a beautiful terrace.You know that I live in Bilbao, Basque Country, Spain


What do you think?


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