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Come Join Us (A Visual Tour)

  • Greetings from the beautiful Motherlodes of NorCal, for those of you unaware I am only about an hour away from Yosemite National Park!

It is here where Gold was found, propelling the Gold Rush!  Columbia State Historic Park is like stepping back in to time, authors like Mark Twain, and Brett Harte made this place popular but thankfully for the most part it still has that hometown feel.

Folklore tells us that the old school house is haunted with the original teacher from around 1857 and the students, if you listen closely you just may here the footsteps.

The local community college campus is absolutely gorgeous with its Resevoir that also serves as a fish and wildlife reserve, it is here where I truly began to blossom as poet!  It is here that I celebrated my first books with a creative writing professor who taught me so much!

The absolute beautiful landscape of this area is undeniable, though some of these roads can be treacherous if you aren’t familiar with them, the views are awe inspiring!

Like in many small towns churches are an important part of life and Saint James Episcpolian Is one of the oldest red brick churches in California, originally founded in the 1850’s several fires have led to reconstruction but much of the Church is in its original condition!

From a replica of Mark Twain Cabin In Jack Ass Hil  where he spent the winter of 1864-1865 to the Stage Coach in Columbia there is a little bit of something for everyone!

Feel free to come for a visit, we’d be glad to have you…

Columbia State Historic Park


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