Cheapest Water Villas in Maldives That Are All About Affordable Luxury!

The Maldives is a luxurious beach vacation. The floors of this island nation are filled to the brim with swaying palm trees, long stretches of glittering white sands, and turquoise waters. The Maldives is home to perhaps the most bewitching beaches in the world. Offering fine alchemy of luxury and leisure, this island nation has won the hearts of many. The resorts and villas of Maldives are not only extremely hospitable and opulent but also fits the pockets of every kind of traveler. Here we have the cheapest water villas in Maldives that even backpackers can afford!

Top 4 Water Villa in Maldives for Luxurious Stay

1. Adaaran Prestige Water Villas

Adaaran Prestige Water Villa might be one of the cheapest water villas in Maldives but offers all the facilities and services that a guest requires. For those who seek a secluded holiday, this charming villa could be the answer. The Sunset Ocean Villas of this property gives the guests a chance to witness the hues of pink, yellow, and blue from the floor to roof windows of their room as the sun sets. The warm-hearted hospitality and humble staff is a cherry on top.

2. Meeru Island Resort

Meeru Island Resort offers the best of laid-back vacation. This Resort offers spacious and wooden villas, each of which has a private beach on its own. Waking up to the views of the stupendous lagoon sometimes leaves guests in awe. The guests are spoiled with choices between the villas offered to them including waterfront, garden, and jacuzzi. Meeru Island Resort is located in the North Male Atoll that exudes luxury from every given nook and corner. The Spa services just further help one rejuvenate.

3. Vilamendhoo Island Resort

Vilamendhoo Island Resort is beautifully located in the South Ari Atoll. This Island Resort boasts about offering the utmost comfort to its guests. Vilamendhoo Island Resort is not that heavy on the pockets but still offers amenities that shouts luxury from all over. A perfect escape from the hustle and bustle, this island resort acts as a magnet for romance seekers and water lovers. Offering privacy with a separate water villa on one hand, and children’s playground with swings on the other, this resort is for everyone.

4. Kuredu Island Resort

Kuredu Island Resort is a lot more than just brilliant and spacious luxurious water villas. Right from the luxurious villas to the rooms with private pools, this resort has raised the bars. This island is truly the apex not only in terms of comfort but also the remarkable sleek design it adorns. The water villas firmly stand on the azure blue waters of the Maldives and is a treasure trove of romance. The resort offers a stunning verandah and a sundeck for guests to simply soak in the glittering sun and get distressed.

This list of cheapest water villas in Maldives surely does not end here. The Maldives is a beach destination that has an array of experiences just waiting to unfold. Be it a vacation with family or a romantic getaway with the partner, Maldives has the answer for every kind of holiday. The thick and lush vegetation, as well as the lightly flowing cerulean waters, never fail to impress.


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