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The chapel was built in memory of the Russian soldier

On the road to Vršič, at the height of about 1200 meters, there is a Russian chapel, which was set in memory of the death and suffering of hundreds of Russian prisoners. The wooden chapel of Saint Vladimir was set up in 1917 by the Russian war prisoners in memory of the dead comrades, Avalanche.

Even before the start of World War I, the Austrian army decided to make a mountain road over Vršič. Because they lacked labor, Russian prisoners were used for construction. Work began in the autumn of 1915, and in the winter of 1916, a large snowy avalanche broke out, burying many prisoners and their guards underneath. At the burial of victims, they came up with an idea to put a monument to the victims.

The chapel is built of wood on stone foundations and is designed as a central space that has two towers on the sides. These are completed in the style of Baroque domes that are typical of Russia.


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