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Central Balkan National Park

You’ll find this park in the highest section of the Stara Planina Mountains in Bulgaria. It offers visitors many hiking paths and trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. There are incredible deep caves, steep canyons, waterfalls, and forests with beech trees. The most famous route takes on from the Atlantic Ocean to the Black Sea. If visitors prefer they can explore the part on horseback or by mountain bike.

This is a wonderful place for bird watcher and there are 123 bird species. Birds like the Imperial and Golden eagle, white-backed woodpecker, eagle owl, and red-breasted flycatcher. Among the wild animals roaming here are bears, wolves, pine martens, otters, different bat species and endangered invertebrates. There is also a great variety of healing plants including 1.900 species and subspecies of higher plants along with 15 species of fern.

There are many things to do and enjoy in the Central Balkan National Park among them Bulgaria’s Garden of Eden which is an extensive network of trails that will lead the hiker through forests with beech, spruce, pine and maple trees. You can also take trips to the ancient fortresses and orthodox monasteries found here. Within this national park, there are five administrative areas and nine natural reservations. In 2003 it became a member of PAN parks this is an international appraisal of its well-preserved and managed wild nature.

For tourists, the most interesting areas to visit are North and South Dzhendem, the Rayskoto Praskalo waterfalls and Peeshtite Skall or the Singing Rocks. Visitors can find accommodations in lots of private hotels, rest houses, guest houses, apartments, complexes, and huts. In the Central Balkan area visitors can enjoy delicious, traditional Bulgarian cuisine and the hospitality of the native people and learn about the folklore of the area and see various crafts.


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