Camping Meals: Important things to be On Your mind

Camping is fun and absolute thrill but in the absence of meals; the entire plan can go for toss. You would not want your camping expedition to be boring and starving right? So, if you are planning to go for camping this weekend or month; have you thought about the food thing? You should plan something out beforehand so as to make your camping experience perfect and fulfilling.

You have to make sure you pack essential equipment, storage containers, foods and food preparation supplies. The last thing you might want to do when you are doing the camping is have to run out to the distant store. Well, needless to say that most of the best camp sites are way too distant from any type of store to make a grocery run even thinkable. In case you forget to carry something with you, well, that is the part of camping.  But if you have a plan then you might not forget anything on your list.

Then Kitchen set-up is equally important too. A well-laid out kitchen would make the slow or laborious cooking fun, convenient and safe.The foremost thing is to establish your kitchen with a huge rope, tarp, branches or poles in case of rain. Such a sheltered area has to be out of the wind and well away from the shelters. In case you have a campfire, the actual kitchen zone should be set at a distance from this for safety.Of course, you would not want to know that your camp caught fire because of the meals getting cooked right next to it.

Don’t take food in the tent 

It might sound strange to you but it is the fact. Remember that you should never take food into your tent. Food fascinates pests to your insects, tent, rodents and bears. What is the point if you are eating meals inside the camp and then you find the flies and other insects roaming all over the place? That would become another headache right? It is better to eat food outside and then relax or unwind in the tent.

What should be the other essentials?

There are different things and the commonest ones can be:

  • You know you might need water 2.5 to 5-gallon containers. You require 2 – 4 quarts of water every single day per person. And that is only to drink. Don’t forget that water would be required for clean-up.And cooking.
  • Then you have to carry along stove and fuel and of course waterproof matches.
  • You have to take tarp, clothesline, and ropes and so on.
  • Table or something to make use of as a table in case you want to rough it.
  • Of course there has to be seating arrangements like camp stools, logs, camp chairs, hugerocks and so on.
  • You might need frying pan and Dutch oven to. Of course cast iron is the finest but heavy. You can easily carriage stuff in the Dutch


So, these things might be helping for you for your Camping meals. Certainly if you want more details about this same concept then you can walk through the information given on 10revs platform.


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