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The boating life and seeking Dolphins in the Bay!!!!!

Another day on the bay! In particular lately, we’ve been searching for Dolphins. They (Dolphins) have been spotted in the Bay as far north as the Bay Bridge (and even North of the Bay Bridge) I love Dolphins. I want to see some in the wild. They are the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen and seeing them in the wild is an amazing experience. Seeing them from a boat that I can control and slow down to enjoy the view, is something I want to do.

I’ve gone whale watching and Dolphin watching in the Seattle area. I’ve been shark watching in Florida as well as Dolphin watching in Florida. We went Dolphin watching two weeks ago, with no success although in part I suspect that is because it is also prime boating season. As we wandered out looking for Dolphins, there were tons of sailboats and power boaters out and about. I can’t share the pictures as easily because they were taken with my Canon DSLR and they are huge files (more than 20 megs in size per file).

Searching for Dolphins, once we get the boat renamed (it is currently called IT Pays, but we have the letters, and we are going to put them on the boat this weekend). The new boat name is “Labs’ Lair Too” in honor of the dogs that love to ride along!


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