Best Winter Activities in London

While this classy city beautiful and fun all year round, I especially love it during winter. The holiday season here is simply amazing and I encourage everyone to try to experience it here at least once. Other than that there are plenty of cool winter events available here. Moreover, you can get cheap accommodations in the months of January and February. With all that being said, why not add this beautiful city to your travel bucket list?

My Opinion as a Local

I happen to live in London and can tell you right now that if you decide to come around in the chilly season, make sure to pack some extra layers. From awesome tea salons to interesting bars, there are many cozy places here to warm your heart. In fact, I invited one my friend living in New York City to come around and he agreed that winter was quite fun here. you can book online flights too but if you wish for a more cheaper airfare then travel after Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Ice Skating

Every year when Christmas peeks around the corner, you’ll see many ice rinks pop around the city. With some new and old locations, it’s simply essential that you try out spending your afternoon skating around. Some ice rinks are located near iconic landmarks so if you wish to sightsee a little then chose these locations. My personal favorite are the ones located in winter villages, like in Winterville simply for the cool atmosphere. Prices may range but overall, it doesn’t cost all that much. Most ice rinks stay open from late November to early January.

Christmas Markets

If you’re visiting here during the merry holiday then prepare to be amazed by the awesome seasonal markets set up here. Basically, a row of small stalls or wooden cabins selling street food while there are fun activities available for the whole family. I suppose in a way, it’s like a fair. My personal favorite one is the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. With around 200 huts, 100 rides as well as a Santa Village, it’s fun for the whole family. You can look up online for other markets available because this one tends to get pretty crowded at times.

Lumiere Festival

If you’re visiting during the end of January then you should check out this unique festival. It’s pretty new and it’s all about using lights as a form of art. Plenty of art installations pop up all with twinkling lights making them come alive after dark. The locations vary so I suggest you check online but honestly, just roaming around this historical city is fun. You’ll see dancing lights or art pieces glimmering in the dark. Lovely time for a stroll and perhaps a stop at a cozy café to warm up.

Winter Walk

While walking around in the cold weather isn’t the typical idea of fun, but trust me, the winter season tends to change the city into a more mysterious and gothic place. With barely any crowd, you can take in the streets and the beautiful architecture in peace. For a beautiful view, walk all the way up to Hampstead Heath. You can marvel at the gothic winter wonderland that is London from there. There are many places worth visiting on your winter strolls like the Highgate cemetery, Regent Canal and such.

Cafes and Tea Salons

Speaking of strolling about in the cold, winter is the perfect time to indulge in hot beverages. Let me get this straight and say that tea is serious business here. Especially in the afternoon. You can expect a tray of snacks to accompany your choice of tea. While there are cheaper places, you can try out the more expensive place for once. As for cafes, well those are in plenty too. There are also a few cute cat cafes where not only can you enjoy a nice hot beverage but you can also cuddle up with cute purring balls of fur. One my all-time favorite is Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium in Shoreditch.

Hearty Food

Winter is the perfect time to cozy up and enjoy warm delicious food. Since London is a very diverse place, you can find different types of cuisine here. If you’re on a visit though, I suggest you stick to the traditional food like the meat pies and traditional fish and chips. There are cool food tours available suitable to most diets held in SoHo and Brixton. You should check online for more details or go solo and explore yourself.

Cozy Pubs

There are a number of interesting pubs and bars in London where you can find a nice fireplace to sit in front of. From cozy to unusual, you have many options to choose from. And if that’s not your cup of tea then try one of the heated rooftop bars. Not only can you enjoy a nice beverage of your choice but you can have some of the best views of the city.

Shop Till You Drop

Lots of shops in London have cool winter sales and discounts. Being a prospering metropolis, there are many brands available here as well as the cheaper thrift items. With high-end boutiques and brands giving cool discounts, I suggest that you keep some space empty in your bag when you get to London. Similarly, if you arrive during Christmas time then you can buy interesting items from the seasonal markets all the while enjoying a cup of hot cocoa.

Indoor Activities

There are many theatres shows on the West End that you can enjoy if you don’t want to roam outside in the cold. You can also check out one of the many interesting museums available in London, including the famous wax museum. You can also check out the National Gallery and the British Museum for their expansive and fascinating collection. You can also go for the wonderful Warner Bros. studio tour. They tend to decorate the most iconic sets in the holiday theme. Whether you have kids or not, it’s sure to give you a magical experience.

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