Best Ways to Plan a Perfect One Day Agra tour

same day agra tour

In today’s fast rushing world and quick-moving city life, we are lucky even if we get a single week or a day of a getaway to explore new places and let off steam. But there are only so many places you can visit or enjoy completely in just a single day and Agra is one of them. Don’t fret, because even within a single day you can enjoy everything there is in Agra with the tips I have jotted down below for you. Are you ready to get on with your Same Day Agra tour?

Right choice of Transportation

At your Same day Agra tour, it’s very crucial that you get the right transportation, so that you don’t have to waste a single second more in traveling than you need to. Finalizing and planning ahead of your pick-up locations and drop- off destinations saves you a lot of time and energy on Same Day Agra tour by car which you can invest in enjoying the sightseeing.

The suggested travel companies provide good Private air-conditioned car with a professional driver so that your road trip through Agra is as comfortable as possible.  Also, you want to start your day early in the morning, if you want to make best of Sunrise Taj Mahal tour and kick-off the day with mind-blowing experience. Since, it’s not easy to get a cab that early in the morning, I would suggest you make previous bookings to get a hassle-free and comparatively cheap drive to Taj Mahal and around the city in Agra.

Remain Hydrated and Energised 

Before starting Same Day Agra tour, remember to stop for refreshments and breakfast at the hotel or any other place of your preference. If you are visiting Agra in summers, remain hydrated and move along the day with a full stomach.

Must Visiting Places in your itinerary  

#1 Taj Mahal at Sunrise

sunrise taj mahal tour

There is nothing in the whole world like eternal beauty; Taj Mahal and even more so, there is nothing like witnessing Taj Mahal during sunrise. Each moment of Sunrise Taj Mahal tour is worth it and makes you feel wondrous to be present there.

The white mausoleum carved with intricate and delicate stone carvings built by Shah Jahan in the memory of his loving wife, Taj Mahal is one true reflection of undying love. And with Same day Agra tour by car, you can enjoy the spectacular views in the soft hues of early morning and pleasant breeze.

My advice is to reach the Taj Complex by 5 a.m. in the morning if you want to avoid long lines and get easy access to the entry tickets. All your morning sleep would instantly fade away as you gaze upon the mesmerizing Taj Mahal bathing in the morning hues of the sunrise of beautiful colors. Even the serene Yamuna, flowing beside Taj, makes it picture-perfect moment in the early morning.

Early morning is the best time to visit Taj Mahal as besides the spectacular views, you can avoid the over bustling crowds and hot sun of the afternoon of your Taj Mahal same day tour. Also the clear water fountains and breathtaking Mughal gardens surrounding Taj makes it difficult to take your eyes of the amazing laid in front of you.

If you are excited about the culture and history of the Taj Mahal and how it came into existence, take a guided Same day Agra tour. A professional guide shows you the spot that are crowd free and takes lots of photographs without strangers photobombing them.

Take it all in and enjoy your time at the majestic Taj Mahal with the soft sunrays of early morning.

#2 Agra Fort

same day agra tour by car

The beacon of Mughal proud, culture and grandeur during their apex time is rightly presented to Agra Fort. After, Taj Mahal, when you are still dazed by its beauty, best to head on to Agra Fort on your Same day Agra tour by car.

Also known as “Lal- Qila” and “Qila-i-Akbari”, Agra Fort is a symbol of power, fortitude and Mughal Architecture which one cannot miss to visit when in the historical city of Agra. Specially, you would want to learn about the mind blowing and genius defence systems and traps of Agra Fort developed during its time. For that I would suggest to take up a guided tour with a professional guide at Same day Agra tour by car.

Agra Fort tour takes you into the historical era of the Mughals and their royal lifestyle, offering great views of the overwhelming facades and mighty minarets.  Enjoy every moment while at Agra Fort and lose yourself in a brief chapter of Mughal history.

Accompanied by a professional and pre –bookings, Same Agra tour by car saves you from the hot auto rides combined with pollution and dirt. Save your energy on getting hassle free transport with this tour so that you can enjoy Same Day Agra tour even more.

Exotic and Delicious Cuisines at the Mughal restaurants

Get a taste of serve lip-smacking cuisines with great ambience at many of the amazing restaurants in Agra. Whilst being on your Same day Agra tour, its almost criminal to not to enjoy the tasty Indian cuisine and Mughal dishes at one of the suggested restaurants and cafes’. Relax and enjoy the great ambience with great food to get rid of all the fatigue and carry on Same Day Agra tour.

Ride back home with comfort

After all the Agra sightseeing, same day taj mahal tour by car can be really exhausting. Its best to make reservations ahead to get hassle free drop off at your departure locations. There are many good tour and travels companies which provide easy and comfortable drop-off points at various locations.

So get ready to pack everything you need and get moving on your heels to reach Agra and enjoy everything this beautiful city has to offer in a single day by following the tips of these articles. Don’t forget to leave your comments and suggestions below if got something to help other fellow readers and travellers.


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