Beach Boy – Turn it Around

For centuries, women have traded whatever freedom, rights, desires they may have had for the man with money.

He may be ugly, he may have the personality of a hog, but he has money she can spend.  She can have a car, buy clothes, drink champagne.  

So she marries him,  and puts up with him, knowing that sooner, rather than later, her nightly ‘water boarding’ will become a trickle. His business will fill much of his life, and no doubt he’ll find younger women to have affairs with.  So she will, when her novelty wears off, get free time.

She can have her own little interests and visits  so  he becomes no more than a sufferable annoyance.

Today, men can now experience that kind of life.

Men willing to become pets are rare in 1st World Countries but are prevalent in 3rd World nations.  The placid beach boy and somewhat predatory renta have been replaced by the husband for sale, and the market is busy.


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Written by jaylar


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