Be a Vlogger, or Just Look Like One!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

This evening, I decided to attend a Canon workshop about Vlogging. I mostly wanted some ideas for making interesting videos or taking photographs. Travel Vlogger Juliane Broste talked about her experience in Travel Vlogging and Blogging as well as Vlogger.

It is all about storytelling.

Dress in your trademark outfit. She is mostly in black and white, with a neon pink accent.

Choose the right camera.

Have the right gear, such as selfie stick, small tripod, monopod, 50mm lens, and Manfrotto Digital Director.

Always carry your iPhone and Camera with you everywhere. You just never know when you might stumble upon something interesting. Camera has better quality and control as well as more features, while Iphone is versatile and small, and can be easily taken anywhere.

If you are a Canon user, consider the M50 and EOS R for vlogging. The EOS R costs $2299, and it has a full frame and audio input.

Check your microphone. A RodeVidMicProPlus costs $399, while a micro mic costs around $69. There are also Tascom and Sony microphones.


Do selfies for reaction shots. Use a selfie stick. Make sure to get a selfie with an interesting background shot. Use the Rule of Thirds to frame your scene or photo. Some items you might need might include a BeFreeCarbonFiber stick and Wifi phone remote and self-timer.

Be memorable in your video. It’s all about the moment.

Display personality, which includes emotions and your Voice. Share information and facts. Display energy and character.

Productive techniques:

Always have a Plan. Only bring what you really need. Observe your surroundings and carefully listen. Watch out for busy roads, winds, and loud environments, which can all mess up your video. Capture action, or create your own action; then, add a reaction to the action to create movement and motion in your videos as well as photographs. Anticipate. Look for repetitions, and get different angles of these repetitions. Always capture variety. Don’t bore your audience. Consider doing wide shot, wide angle, fisheye, medium shot, and close shot for variety. Move around. Use your Voice, and do your point of view to a typical situation.

Never leave home without your camera and iPhone.

Pursue Passionate Projects

Never Stop Learning

Be Persistent

Have fun creating!

To make money on videos, try Affiliate Marketing. But you will need to be entrepreneurial in order to pitch ideas that can actually get you jobs.

Some video editing programs include adobe premier, adobe rush, and DiVinci

Start by making a video about your town and/or locale. Bring out its positive highlights. Why do you like this place? I added 6 photographs as examples of storytelling. The first three are Beverly Hills Mannequin Fashion Street Photography, Venice Beach Chill, Downtown Tijuana Mexico, and Noruz New Year at the local park.


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