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Art of Living International Center in Bangalore, India is also popularly known as ‘ashram’ by the devotees. It’s our second home away from home. It’s a beautiful place spread in acres of land away from the city. It takes around two hours to reach the ashram from Bangalore airport.

Situated at 21st Kanakpura Road, Bangalore ashram is frequented by thousands of visitors from all over the world. Navratri celebrations at the ashram are a grand affair and attract lots of devotees. People travel from far and wide to have a glimpse of their beloved Guruji and spend some time in the blissful and serene atmosphere of the ashram.

Various courses like happiness programs, Sehaj Smadhi Meditation, Advanced meditation programs, Sri Sri Yoga are conducted in the ashram throughout the month. Evening satsangs are a lively affair especially when Guruji is there in the ashram. Monday mornings start with Rudra Puja and Devi Puja is organized every Friday.

Vishalakshi Mandap is the focal point of the ashram which is a large lotus shaped meditation hall. There is a huge yagyashala which can accommodate more than five thousand people at a time. Ashram Kitchen Annapoorna feeds hundreds of devotees every day. Sumeru Mandap, Radha Kunj, Gurukul, Panchkarma Center are other attractions in the ashram.


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