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Around Onehunga – Part of a Walk

Taken this morning was a spectacular sunrise so I thought I would share some of the photos I took this morning.

Every day is different and even though the place is the same, the sky changes minute by minute and never will be the same.

So I think it was a time to “Seize the Day”, and take some photos.

#1 Sun light though the clouds.

Here is the Sun rise as I first saw it

From here everything you see is by foot.

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#2 As we progress sun through the clouds.

The same with more sky to show

Soon change the angle.

#3 More of the sun Rise

From a different angle.

This photo in-between houses down a drive way.

#4 More sky to show sun rise

Its going to be a hot day today. 28 depress celsius but not in this early morning.

Photo is taken down a drive way but above to see the clouds and sunlight rising.

#5 Pigeon

There is a phoenix palm here full of pigeons sparrows. They could write books on what they observe in this neighbourhood.

#6 2 Pigeons

Often here the pigeons witness drunks having a party. They don't bother anyone except themselves.

#7 More Sky scape to show

There is a Norfolk pine tree by the white house on the right.

#8 Walk by Bus stop

The sun often shines through this bus shelter. 

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