An Overview of the Roopkund Trekking Tour

An idyllic destination that will amaze every traveler, the Roopkund is the abode to the magnificent Trishul Peak that offers travelers the best trekking experience. Known for its mystery lake, the Roopkund is attached to various mythologies and proposed stories that locals still believe. Roopkund trek is now considered as the most popular trek in India because of its natural setting and amazing magnificent beauty. The beautiful and unique landscapes of Roopkund offers a picturesque view and makes it a most sought after trek destination in India for summer vacation. But, being a popular destination, some peoples who want to visit this place still doesn’t know about this place much and how to reach it. And if you are also one of those people, who are planning for the Roopkund tour. Here is detailed information that you should keep in mind before booking from various Roopkund trekking tour packages.

How to Reach 

The Roopkund trek will start from Kathgodam, a small township in the district of Nainital. You can reach Kathgodam through railways as well as roadways. The nearest airport is the Pantnagar, which is around 70 km away from Kathgodam. Therefore, the only way you can reach the starting point is through railways or roadways. The Kathgodam railway station is well connected from all the major cities of India through express train services. You can also take private or government buses that are easily available from cities such as Nainital, Rudrapur, Moradabad, Chandausi, Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Delhi.

Base Camp 

Covered between the Kumaun range of Himalayas, Kathgodam is a heritage place to explore. And a car ride from here will take you through the narrow roads to the Loharjung. The Loharjung is the main base camp for the Roopkund trekking expedition. This place is situated at the edge of a hill and provides a majestic view of the Neelganga Valley. Loharjung also has some lodging facilities and small restaurants with small retail shops.

Suitable Season to Visit 

The weather remains persistent here offers the ideal conditions for trekking. Summer here lasts from April to June with an average temperature always falls below 30. The winter here lasts from December to February. During winters, the temperature often time falls below the freezing point. The months from July to November are considered as the most suitable time to visit.

Essential Advice

The trek to Roopkund lake will give you the perfect joy and thrill of the ever glowing Himalayas. However, considering the climate conditions, the trek generally consists of a moderate and hard level of difficulty. It is imperative to prepare thoroughly by adding suitable clothes and protective gear as the atmosphere sometimes gets unpredictable here. Make sure to choose high-quality footwear and wear the right kind of socks to avoid frostbites. Also, carry a sturdy sleeping bag that is durable and comfortable.

If you want to experience the trek, then do not hesitate to add Roopkund to your list. Consider this following information if you are looking to plan a Roopkund trekking tour for your summer vacations.


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