Amazing Palm Island

Located in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates Palm Island is an unusual man-made island. The island includes an indoor hill for skiing and a 160-story skyscraper. The island was constructed in the Persian Gulf with boulders that were taken from a nearby mountain range and an unbelievable 120 million cubic yards of sand from the seafloor.

Palm Jumeirah is only one of the four artificial island developments being constructed in Dubai. Another one Palm Jebel will be created to be twice the size of the Palm Jumeirah and finally, the last one Palm Deira will be the largest. I think that there will still be room for the fish in the sea, the boats on the sea, and people attempting to swim near the shore at the beaches.

Palm Jumeirah is shaped like a palm tree with the trunk connecting the island to the mainland by a bridge. The island has apartments, retail facilities, and some hotels. You can imagine that the hotels are not the cheapest but then for a once in a lifetime trip they sure are worth it.


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