Alice in Americaland

I wrote this about Main Street in Daytona Beach, Florida my first Christmas here. You can follow me on my walk down Main Street through my photos.

A fact is that in every town in every state in the US there is a Main Street.  This refers to a street specifically named Main Street. Well, I did not know where Main Street might be in Daytona Beach, Florida. This is a resort town and people come here to see the popular Daytona Beach. So I went to our post office to mail some Christmas cards and then proceeded to Main Street. Once I turned the corner from the main thoroughfare I was Alice in Americaland. Main Street stunned and delighted me.

Twice every year avid bikers on their Harleys and other bikes descent upon Daytona Beach to party. I once asked my friend while I was still living in Latvia why of all places do these bikers choose Daytona Beach? Well, I got the answer myself. Our Main Street is biker paradise and it was like Alice falling down that rabbit hole. I was thrown back into the 1960s with shops with tie-dye T-shirts. Biker bars and live music streaming out onto the street. No wonder they all come together here in Daytona Beach.

Suddenly I felt the years rolling back and as I smiled to myself at some really fantastic music from yesterday coming from one of the bars “Born to Be Wild” two bikers roared past me. Both of them were in their 60s and I realized that they too were still in their youthful years. That gave me quite a jolly feeling. Then as Alice who found lots of curious things while she walked about I found myself standing at the corner of Main and N. Hollywood and had to remind myself which state I was in.

I also notice that Main Street had more Christmas decorations than the main thoroughfare and I enjoyed that.  I also discovered almost at the end of Main Street a lovely old cemetery which I am going to go back to explore with my camera. But what really made me stop and take a photo was the sight of the American flag flying alongside another flag because whenever I see the flag of my homeland I get all choked up and it made me feel quite patriotic to see it waving in the breeze.


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