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A few photos from Dargaville

Last week we went to Dargaville Museum in Northland, a trip about 3 hours from where we live in Auckland, New Zealand. It was a little bit longer than that.

I took a few photos fro this Museum and you may notice that the water from the river is brown, it is the Wairoa river and I don’t know why it is brown but it’s been this brown since a long time.

Dargaville is famous for it,s Kumaras. Kumaras are a sweet potato brought in by the Maoris. They are very healthy and delicious to eat. The common one is red, but they are also golden or orange colours.

#1 View of Dargaville town and Wairoa river

Taken from Dargaville Museum

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#2 More of Dargaville and the Wairoa river

Dargaville is a small country town. Not many people live here, quite often everyone knows everyone else

    • Yes it can be very good but if you are new to the area these people are suspicious of strangers and it is hard to make friends with them sometimes. If you are persistent you will make some friends but won’t fully accept you unless your ancestor came here as a pioneer.
      Soon though this will change as more immigrants come here to New Zealand. That can be a good thing for these places as businesses will grow and people here will prosper from that

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#3 View if Wairoa Bridge

From the south you enter by this bridge.

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#4 Small lighthouse Dargaville Museum

This is a view of Dargaville Museum on the outside.

Yet there is more pictures to come.

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