A Different Perspective On the Rocky Mountains

I’ve shared a lot of pictures of the country from here to Ronan, Montana. Although we are “in” the Rocky Mountains here, with our valley being surrounded by mountains, when we go to Ronan, we are basically heading directly toward the Continental Divide. That includes some of the tallest and most impressive mountain peaks in the Rockies.

That trip takes us primarily east of here. Since our daughter moved to St. Ignatius or Mission, as it is also called, she sees the area from a different perspective. These pictures were all taken by my daughter and for the most part, it shows a different perspective than what I usually share.

The refuge

This image overlooks the wildlife refuge. It also points roughly toward Ronan. Incidentally, the pronunciation of the town is "Row-nan" as in Nancy; two distinct syllables. There isn't a lot to see this time of year; only deer, elk, coyotes, foxes, bears, a rare bison, and ever-present hawks and eagles. In the spring, though, this will be teaming with wildlife.


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Written by Rex Trulove

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