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A Closer Look at Albuquerque: 2019

A new year means new beginnings and signifies a fresh start for many of us. With that, there is always a plethora of information to digest in every aspect of our lives. The city of Albuquerque is one place that certainly deserves a closer look as its industries gradually rise over the years and into 2019.


What do the people of Albuquerque live off of? How do they build their lives and support future generations? The city has a very high potential for tech innovation and is steeped in a culture of science and engineering. Let’s take a quick look at some of the top few industries that keep this the cogs of Albuquerque spinning.

Aerospace and Aviation

Albuquerque has both the strength of historically standing aviation facilities and knowledge, along with new and exciting educational leads and advances. Central New Mexico Community College is adding a number of programs to encourage students to dive into this exciting and ever relevant line of work.

Solar Technologies

It’s 2019 and one thing for certain is the shift in most industries towards more sustainable possibilities. Solar technologies in terms of research and implementation of experimental projects are where Albuquerque is coming in strong.

Film and Digital Media

These days, keeping up with the times means being on top of, and within the digital world. With a surprisingly strong background in film and movies, Albuquerque without a doubt is sure to attract a whole new wave of film enthusiasts in 2019, both from the side of the audience and those who create what we watch. New Mexico even has a strong incentive program for filmmakers to shoot their scenes in awe-inspiring landscapes. Netflix recently purchased a studio in Albuquerque and plans to bring in 1000 new high paying jobs.


Without education, there can be very little done in terms of industry growth and development. It all starts with teaching and training, be it in the classroom or out. Today there are about 8 colleges and universities within 40 miles of Albuquerque, the closest and largest being the University of New Mexico.  Public schools are scattered throughout the region and allow for a large selection of educational options from wherever you are.


Sometimes we tend to pass over the most enjoyable aspects of living and concentrate on the nitty-gritty. But Albuquerque has so much to offer in terms of free-time activities that it is really worth noting some of the highlights it has to offer for weekends, holidays or evenings.

Petroglyph National Monument

The largest petroglyph site in North America, this must-see location features carvings into volcanic rock that date back 400 to 700 years ago. Native Americans and Spanish settlers alike marked their history in these rocks and are something that should not be missed. Various park trails and hiking paths also surround the area, making it a beautiful location for a day out with family or friends.

Sandia Peak Tramway

This tramway, located just beside Albuquerque, offers visitors and inhabitants access to the Sandia Mountains. Summer and winter activities can be done depending on the time of the year. Largely within the Cibola National Forest, there is plenty of wildlife and nature to explore for the more adventurous types, but also for those with young families. The tramway is the second largest in the world! Sandia, meaning ‘watermelon’ in Spanish, supposedly refers to the reddish/pink colour of the mountains. Complete with ski slope facilities and summer recreational areas, any day or weekend trip is sure to leave you feeling relaxed, revived and refreshed from city life.

Real Estate

This is yet another booming aspect of Albuquerque that throughout 2018 brought many new faces to friendly and diverse communities. Purchasing Albuquerque real estate is easier than ever in 2019 with plenty of sites and aides to help you make the right decisions when moving. Uniquely affordable at the moment, 2019 forecasts show that this may not be the case for too much longer. It is suggested that if you are interested in grabbing a piece of these unusual offers, now is the time. Both rental properties and purchasing prices have steadily been rising over the past 7 years, making Albuquerque a safe and predictable location for your next real estate investment.


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