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A Chilly Look at Montana

The cold weather did hit Montana on schedule. Yesterday, it barely got above freezing for a high-temperature and at the moment it is officially 5° F/-15° C and a couple of degrees colder on our front porch. It actually ended up colder than they predicted. I thought I’d share a few webcam images from around the state. These were from yesterday morning, but they do a good job of capturing the feeling of the chill we are experiencing right now, though it is thankfully not bitter cold yet. For a comparitive reference, our altitude is a bit under 3,000 ft.


The elevation of the camera is 4,399 ft and the amount of snow in the mountains is shown well. Keep in mind that this isn't even November yet. It is every bit as cold as it looks.

Hungry Horse, Montana

Hungry Horse has an altitude of just over 3,000 feet, so it is close to our altitude. The roads are icy and slick, but it is obvious that there has been quite a bit of traffic here.


At 3,290 ft., Ninemile isn't a high-altitude place, but what looks like fog in the distance is actually the edge of a snowstorm and is falling snow. This road is also icy and it was about to get worse, from the look of it.

Lame Deer

It was sunny in Lame Deer, but there is a little over an inch of snow on the ground. Their high-temperatures yesterday were close enough to freezing that it is unlikely that any snow melted.

Lost Trail Pass

Lost Trail Pass, between Idaho and Montana, shows quite a bit more snow. That isn't surprising since the altitude is nearly 7,100 ft. That is pack ice on the road surface.

Rogers Pass

The driving conditions on Rogers pass were treacherous, putting it mildly. Despite that, this pass gets a lot of traffic. It is hard to see, but it has been graveled. Still, the only safe way to drive this road this time of year is to do so slowly and carefully.

Pendroy, Montana

Finally, we have the image from Pendroy at 4,199 ft. This can be a dangerous intersection because when it gets icy like this, it is difficult to stop when coming down the hill to the intersection. Vehicles sometimes slide all the way through and occasionally end up in the ditch.

Yes, it is cold in Montana.

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Written by Rex Trulove

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    • That is pretty much what I think, in reverse, each summer when I see the humidity in Alabama topping 90%. 😀 There is an upside and a downside to anywhere a person can live. This isn’t bitter cold, though. The temperatures are still above 0.

  1. Well despite driving conditions and the cold, I would very much enjoy being in Montana right now. I do not drive but I am scared shitless in a car, so that would be the only drawback for me to be in Montana. Sorry to say this but I cannot wait for the white stuff to engulf the Outaouais valley, Canada….

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