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7 Things that happen to your body while you are flying in aircraft 

When it finally came time to fly several hours to get to your favorite destination, you certainly did not think of anything else except the enjoyment that awaits.

You’re probably aware that such  occurring major changes in the body happen. Some of them are partially ignored.

But it is interesting that:

1. Feet pour the aircraft is the most comfort place, so unfortunately the lack of space for movement, leading to a stagnation of blood in the legs. Lack of proper circulation in turn, leads to swelling.

2. Dining wishes change. The scientists found that during the flight the people require different things than just eating. For example, “addicts” of chocolate, the plane often fantasize about a piece of pizza with salty ketchup.

3. Unpleasant breath odor during flight is a result of dehydration. The body produces less saliva, so this is why it may appear bad breath. Therefore it is always a smart choice to bring some gum and fresh food.

4. Expressed dizziness and nausea. This occurs are because of stress under which we consciously or unconsciously. Reduce stress by making you choose seats located next to the window.

5. The ears are clogging. You can help yourself with a strong gum chewing or licking candy.

6. Suddenly appeared toothache. Many people who fly often notice pain in the teeth. The reason is the pressure, so it would be good to visit the dentist before the long flight.

7. You become nervous, even those who are not afraid of flights become serious and tense. The reason is the concern and reliability. Well, it would be good to find occupation as a film, book or relaxing music.

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