6 Steps on How to Get Your Dream Vacation without Getting Broke

Many people have a dream vacation on their bucket list. It is not easy to save money for your trip. Of course, you will want your holiday to be unique. In all probability, a luxury getaway can cost you more. Instead of spontaneously deciding to go on a sabbatical, it is better to plan financially for it well in advance. When you prepare for it, it is easy to spend that kind of money without affecting the rest of your finances. If you have no clue regarding the financial planning for your holiday, you are in luck.

We will today share with you six simple steps which will allow you to go on a dream vacation without impacting your finances significantly.

1. Create an incremental savings plan:

Many people think about taking a loan and then paying for the vacation. It is the wrong way to go on your dream vacation. It is better to create an incremental savings plan. It will allow you to enjoy a luxury escape with your own money. Sure enough, it can take a long time to embark on the trip, but you will not have to worry about loans or interest rates. You have to create a weekly savings plan which is incremental. It will allow you to save more than enough for your next luxury destination.

The best way to save is to keep a watch on your expenses. There are quite a few money-saving apps for the same. Whenever you conduct a transaction online, these apps can even round it off to the nearest digit and help you save the difference. It will allow you to save money on every online transaction. Moreover, they will help you understand where you spend your money. If you want to track your expenses to reduce them, you can use apps like:

• Mint

• Spendometer

• RedLaser

Similarly, you can use apps to find coupons and deals online. It will help you save money on your day-to-day expenses. The apps which you can use are:

• Retail me not

• VoucherCloud

• Shopkick

The use of such apps can help you save money, and you can set it aside for your trip.

Once you have started saving money, it is time to make it work for you. The best way to do so is to create a separate savings account. Instead of creating any savings account, you should go for the high yields savings account. Once you do so, it is easy for you to not only set aside the money but earn interest on it. It will allow you to curtail the time for which you need to save before you can accumulate that much money.

The three-pronged saving strategy described above will help you save up quickly for your next trip.

2. Conduct proper research:

Only because you’re going on a luxury holiday does not mean that you spend carelessly. Appropriate research is important. You have to find the best deals which you can grab. When booking flights, it is wise to directly book them from the website of the airlines or use a price comparison tool. Similarly, when booking a cruise, you can get great cruise deals from the official website of the cruise liner. You have to research the best deals available and then take a call. When you book directly through the service provider without any intermediaries, you could save a lot of money.

Once you get the estimates using the best deals, it is easy to understand the amount of money that you will have to spend and hence; planning a vacation becomes easy.

3. Creating alternative sources of income:

If you are thinking to fund your holiday through your primary source of income, there will be stress on your other essentials. That is why you have to try and create an alternative source of income. Once you do so, it is effortless for you to fund your vacation. Any additional source of income will directly contribute to your vacation which helps you to save money at a faster pace.

4. Stop eating outside:

People spend a lot on eating out every week. You have to stop doing that. When you cook food at your home, you can save a lot. You can deposit it into the high yield savings account which you have created to fund your vacation. It will help you reach your goal at a faster pace.

5. Downgrade the mobile data plan:

Most of us like to opt for the mobile data plan which provides us with excess data. Excess data lures us into excessive browsing of the Internet which can make you lose time and money. When you downgrade the mobile data plan, you can save a significant amount of money. It will allow you to utilize your time and save money as well.

6. Stop using credit cards:

The problem with credit cards is that even if you’re late for the payment by a single day, there are penalties and hefty interest payments which you have to bear. That is why; it is wise to stop using credit cards. When you deal in cash, you appreciate the value of money even more. It will allow you to curtail your expenses. Moreover, there will be no risk of any penalties or delayed payments. You can easily maintain your credit score. Thus, when you avoid using credit cards, you can save a significant amount of money which you can use to fund your holiday in the longer run.

So, if you fancy a dream vacation, it is time to take some concrete steps to make it happen. With the help of 6 steps which we have highlighted above, you can easily fund your trip without going broke. These six steps can surely make your holiday come true as long as you can stick to this guide in the longer term.


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