5 Things Not To Miss On Vacation In Costa Rica

Apart from its breathtaking beauty and amazing culture, Costa Rica has friendly people that make the country an ideal vacation destination. This country offers a plethora of attractions and activities to make travelers enjoy their experience. You can escape to a secluded beach, bask in the sun, or swing back and forth in a hammock as you check social media. For more insight on what to expect, check out these 5 things not to miss on vacation in Costa Rica.


Costa Rica’s rainforests cover about 25 percent of the country. These forests are home to some of the world’s most exotic plants, animals, amphibians, birds, and fish. It makes these rainforests to be among the most productive and unique ecosystems in the world. The country has an extensive rainforest conservation program to protect this national treasure. A trip to the rainforests is full of monkeys howling and birds singing in tree canopies. These forests are famous for creatures such as:

  • Jaguars
  • Pumas
  • Sloths
  • Frogs
  • snakes

Active volcanoes

The country is home to 6 active volcanoes with 61 dormant or extinct. Volcan Arenal is one of the active volcanoes that’ll catch your eye. This volcano is located 90 km northwest of San Jose and last erupted in 2010. It’s currently in resting phase with a chance to shoot up molten lava in the sky anytime. For adventurous travelers, you can climb Irazu Volcano to catch breathtaking glimpses of its crater lake.

National parks and reserves

Costa Rica has 28 national parks with three listed as UNESCO Heritage sites. Additionally, there’re various nature parks, reserves, and biological areas to protect various flora and fauna. The rainforests here cover 4.5 percent of the world’s biodiversity. During a Costa Rica vacation, you can’t miss an opportunity to check out the modern day Garden of Eden. Some of the popular parks include:

  • Parque Nacional Manuel
  • Corcovado National Park
  • The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

Sporting activities

This country is small but filled with immense opportunities to indulge in activities that catch your fancy. Apart from the country’s dramatic beauty, you can’t miss indulging in activities such as:

  • Nature hikes
  • Kayaking
  • Surfing
  • Scuba diving
  • Sport fishing
  • Mountain biking
  • White water rafting

Wonderful healthcare system

Away from the activities and attractions, health is an important consideration for travelers. Amazingly, Costa Rica has a high quality public and private healthcare systems. Look forward to meeting prestigious hospitals and health care facilities. It’s no surprise that the World Health Organization ranked Costa Rica as among the top three Latin American countries with a quality health care system. The medical and dental tourism is thriving and many travelers are utilizing it. Imagine having a pleasant experience while getting excellent healthcare at cost effective prices.


Costa Rica has multitudes of rainforests, beaches, national parks, and volcanoes. This small is full of natural beauty to rank high among the best travel destinations in the world. A trip to Costa Rica should be on every travel enthusiast’s to-do list this year. Luckily, you just have to find a reliable agency to book your trip.

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