5 Must-try Experiences in Ubud, Bali

If you are not sure that whether Ubud is the place for you or you need some advice to experience Ubud, here are five indispensable activities in the to-do-list worth checking out!

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Ubud is located on the island of Bali, a land with a cool and fresh climate. Local people here are sweet and friendly and this place has long been a favourite destination for short and long-day vacationers.

With what Ubud has to offer, tourists often turn their Ubud trip into long vacations so that they can fully enjoy the relaxation and wonderful nature here.

If you are not sure that whether Ubud is the place for you or you need some advice to experience Ubud, here are five indispensable activities in the to-do-list worth checking out!

1. Walking and drinking

One of the best things you can do to get acquainted with Ubud is to go out and take a walk. Ubud is not entirely for pedestrians, but with all the narrow streets, market stalls and crowds, this area can be considered as a good place to stroll everywhere.

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The centre of Ubud is often quite crowded. Twenty minutes walk to the West, towards the Neka Art Museum, you will have the opportunity to pass by a beautiful lovely Yellow Flower Café – a coffee shop located on a terrace, overlooking a valley below. In addition, you will find daily yoga classes and even accommodations at very reasonable prices if you choose to extend your vacation to more than one week.

2. Luxury resort

If cost is not a problem for you, Ubud is truly a paradise to pay for outstandingly beautiful hotels or resorts. Just a five-minute drive from downtown Ubud, Viceroy Bali is a luxurious 5-star resort featuring a series of self-contained villa-style rooms with a private pool overlooking the ravine, which is really worth experiencing. good value for money. If you can afford a completely luxurious night, this is an option you should never ignore.

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3. Rent a car with a driver

Rent a car (with a driver) for a full day so you can visit the remote locations around Ubud with narrow and winding roads that require special skills of the local driver. These drivers will also be your guide during the trip and provide you with the necessary information. Therefore, renting a car would be a reasonable choice if you have a short vacation and do not want to take a lot of time.

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4. Watch the sunrise and take a hot bath in Batur

Tourists visiting Ubud often love to watch the sunrise on the top of Batur mountain and visit the nearby hot mineral water lakes. The water in these lakes is naturally heated by the crater’s heat. At the same time, the pools are also built as infinity pools with panoramic views of the mountain, which will be an extremely unforgettable experience in Ubud.

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5. Check-in all spectacular destinations

Did you know that Ubud is the birthplace of many viral photos on Instagram, like the photos taken at the gate of heaven? Surely your guide will also know the exact location of these places. Even if you choose a beautiful hotel or resort, you can take thousands of “genuine” photos when stepping into the pool in the morning.

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Travelling always brings great and memorable experience to tourists. That experience will be even more wonderful if the tour is at a reasonable price. For example, you can book the Ubud tour at Urban Adventures, a travel website providing you with truly authentic travel experience as you will travel with a knowledgable local tour guide, and use coupon codes from, a reliable coupon website to get your trip at the best price. So let your time at Ubud become unforgettable memories.


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