5 Amenities You Can Expect From a Private Jet Charter

The recent technological advancements have changed the way we communicate and commute over time. Getting from one place to another is a lot faster, safer and more convenient than in the past. Today, we no longer have to rely on public transport. The private cabs and other private travel services are just a click away. The opportunity to get amazing discounts unparalleled luxury and professional services and customer support as well. Private jet charter services in London work on pretty much the same model. Only the scope, size and scalability of the operation has widened considerably. Read on to know everything about private jets and the top 5 amenities that you can expect from them.

Need for private jets and charter planes 

Private jets and planes though expensive offer unmatched luxury and sophistication. Unlike public airlines, you don’t have to share your space with anyone. The entire plane is booked for you and your friends or family only. There are various companies that even offer charter planes for hire. Compare the rates and read through the online reviews before hiring one.

Also, note that most companies don’t just offer charter planes but also commute services to and from the airports. The jet planes have a separate runway and airport as well. The chauffeur service Munich takes the passengers to and from the airport to their charter planes in VIP style.

Top-notch luxury and comfort

One thing that you can expect from jet planes for sure is the best of services and luxury. And because you are paying quite a fortune for these facilities, there is unlimited access to internet connectivity, water and electricity. Also, there will be a team of flight attendants and other staff dedicated to serve you. Well furnished rooms, complementary meals, free beverages and alcohol are some of the other perks that you can enjoy here.

In-built kitchen, dining space and lavatories

The jet charters also come with full-fledged kitchen spaces. These kitchens are armed with all the gadgets and equipment that you would need. This includes the gas connection, oven, utensils, coffee maker, water purifier, refrigerator, food processor, dishwasher and more. Even the pantries are completely stocked with supplies of fruits, veg, meat and other products you might need. There is a chef on-board with you as well to prepare all your meals. You can order for room service from your spacious master bedroom as well.

Spacious lounges and bedrooms 

The lounges, rooms and other areas are also furnished with the best chairs, sofas and plush cushions. There are flat screen TVs, Play station’s, music systems, home theatres and other electronic gadgets as well. The devices are connected to the Wi-Fi located in the different areas of the private jet. You can lounge about in the living room, watch some TV with your friends, have a couple of drinks and even host a small party.

Conference halls 

Most charter planes are used for business trips and hosting conference meetings. The top businessmen in the world are used to the best of luxuries. Getting picked up by limos and flying private jets are part and parcel of their everyday routine. This is why they expect nothing but the very best of services from these platforms. For them the furnishings and facilities are but expected and familiar.

Most private planes are also equipped with huge conference halls and meeting rooms as well. There are in-house suites to accommodate the guests and the members of the board as well if need be. These suits are furnished with the best of amenities and have private lavatories attached. The conference centers have projectors, screens, tables, and other equipment set-ups well in advance. In fact, the team also takes care of the décor and catering of the event.

Galleries and other rooms 

Other than the standard living space and bedrooms, most private jets also feature art rooms, gyms, spas, and other features. The size, scope, and scalability of the plane decides the kind of services it would harbour. The art galleries, rooms, and other rooms are well-stocked with your favourite beverages, a rich range of cuisines for a more holistic experience.

These five unique amenities truly define the essence and experience of a private charter!


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