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360 Day Photography Challenge – Day 33 – Taupri

Taupri is about 1 and 1/2 drive south from Auckland. It is next to the Waikato river. Taupri is a Sacred mountain for Maori Royalty and import Maori people. The Maori King is not far away but I don’t know where he lives – but I know that these people are strong and good people that I respect.

Here is an old church at Taupri opposite the Hop”n”Stoppin Cafe. At one stage I went for a walk in a street in Taupri just to have a look around. As a matter of fact we went to the “Hop’n’Stopn” Cafe today as I write. These photos are from another trip. I apologise for the telephone wires.

Here was a house with lots of odd ornaments around the yard and it seemed to be interesting I took some pictures and this small house was one of them. Its hard to take photos of a place with lots of things. Photos look better if they are kept simpler. 

With life you often get the unexpected and there was all sorts of interesting things in the yard. This photo will give you an idea. I went to see the view for a bridge and it was a bridge over the main trunk line. I greeted a woman coming out of the local dairy there is not many people around here. 

I stood on top of the bridge and took a photo of the main trunk line of New Zealand Railways. Its a wild place and yet I like it. Today we drove around the town. The Taupri town is very small but lovely. 

Most people travelling down the highway, often ride in their cars from A to B and never see the details of these small towns. Its often missed but in its self, a very pretty place. 
This is the other side of the bridge. Its a very pretty place to be in. Most of the traffic is on the new motorway that runs from Taupri to Hamilton.  Here are some more photos of this bridge.

Most trains that go through here are goods trains. The only train that goes through here is a tourist train that travels from Auckland to Wellington or Wellington to Auckland. Its quite an adventure. If I could have a say, I believe they should create a passenger train from Auckland to Hamilton and back. I think quite a few people could stop on the way and enjoy the view. It would also reduce the need to put cars on the road and reduce traffic congestion. 

A very pretty view and another photo to show you the same Taupri church. It is a very old church for New Zealand. These old churches are what the pioneers built and yes, people still go to this church on sunday. Its an Anglican church which is church of england. 

Another view of the interesting Taupri House. 

I will add some more views of the objects of this home. More like curiosity objects.I notice this person in the house properly noticed life around them and although it wasn’t tidy, I liked the place. 

Another view one different of the “Hoppin’n’stopn Cafe” The rest is the beautiful views from the Cafe of the Waikato river. The food and coffee is great and every time I’ve been past the cafe is open. Its a very popular place. 



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Written by Pamela Moresby

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