3 Great Places to Explore in Arizona in Your Motor Home

Does Arizona remind you of a vast desert landscape? Believe us, the Cactus State has many other attractions that include limestone caves, golf courses, national monuments and even ski mountains. The national parks of this sunny state are thriving with wildlife that include mountain lions and bears among the others.   And the city life is exciting, too. No wonder, Arizona is one of the coveted destinations for RV-ers. Sounds interesting? If you are already a proud owner of a luxury rig, there is nothing like it. You are all set to pack your bags, hit the roads, and enjoy the great outdoors. If not, look for a used motor home for sale, preferably a spacious Class A, if you do not want to spend millions on a brand new model. To help you plan an adventure trip, we’ll tell you about three stunning Arizona destinations that you would be thankful to include in your next RV vacation itinerary:

1. Lake Havasu State Park

If you love picturesque beaches, trekking trails, fishing in freshwater lakes, camping, and boating, then Lake Havasu State Park is the place to be. You will find 47 campsites, white sand beaches, and boat access.  Nestled on the lake’s shores, it offers a spectacular view of the mountains and the water body. A splash in the lake will make you feel rejuvenated after hours-long driving through the desert.You can relax on the beach with your family or friends as the site is abound with grills, picnic tables, and shade covers. If you are a big family, book those group picnic spots to spend some quality moments with your family in privacy. And if you happen to be addicted to adrenaline rush, this park has a plethora of adventure opportunities to offer — you can explore the Mohave Sunset Trail if you have a penchant for hiking or visit the Arroyo-Camino Interpretive Garden if you want to witness its rich flora and fauna. Also, expect to spot some unique bird species like the Great Horned Owl or Anna’s Hummingbird. The renowned London Bridge is yet another interesting spot that you may not want to miss.

2. The Grand Canyon

Located in Arizona, this natural wonder extends over 277 miles down the Colorado River. It is a huge abyss and looks like a giant crack in the ground. The Grand Canyon Village will give you entry to the park with tourists thronging the place during summer, spring, and fall. It features Yavapai Point, which offers the best view of the chasm. Explore the North Rim, which is home to rocky, secluded trails. The most frequented spot is Bright Angel Point that offers a stunning view of the Roaring Springs. And if you want a little adrenaline rush, choose to sway by the Point Imperial, which is 8,803 foot, the highest spot in the North Rim. The South Rim remains too busy with travelers during summer. We recommend that you book a parking slot in the campground in advance to avoid the last-minute rush. Yaki offers stunning views of the Canyon and indeed a photogenic spot in the South Rim. Yavapai delight travelers with the panoramic vision of the desert.

3. Patagonia Lake State Park

This state park covers 250 acres and features multiple camping grounds. If you love fishing, this is an ideal spot to visit. The lake is a habitat of a variety of fish species, including bluegill, catfish, crappie, bass, and anglers. Use your catch to toss up a delicious meal for dinner. The park also attracts visitors with its wildlife, including the whitetail deer and blue herons roaming the hills and shoreline respectively. What is more? This much-loved camping spot features picnic spots, a beach, boat ramps, grills, a market, and a marina.

If you are eager to be in the wonderland called Arizona,  buy a suitable RV, first.  A used Class A motor home for sale makes an excellent choice as it gives you the best of both worlds – luxe features without an exorbitant price tag.  However, plan well when visiting the places as mentioned earlier to make the most of your time.


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Written by Eva Brown

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