Writing Site Rip – 23

M.Q. had created Riprite, brought in five friends to help him.  Paid them to bring in warm bodies, paid them to attack anyone who disparaged the site.

Those five knew how much he took in every day, he couldn’t lie to them.

M.Q. had thought that he needed Shills.  That he needed people to defend his site, to bring in other users.  

But he didn’t.

There were many users who would defend his site and bring in other users for Nothing!

When he looked at the rabid attacks nobodies had made against their fellow writer, he was shocked. How can Stooge 1  attack Stooge 2 for realising s/he was a Stooge?  

How could anyone who had absolutely no idea what was going on, devote a keystroke to defending his site?

Defending it against facts!


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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