Writing Site Rip – 19

When M.Q. had to pay taxes he searched for some ‘new’ earning method and hit upon dropping Staff Writers, who  earned 80% to writers who earned 50%.

But then he realised, if he could drop a top Staff Writer to Member, drop a writer who was gaining thousands of hits, from receiving the most revenue to none,  he could take all the earnings for his pocket.

He decided that every Staff Writer who had 100 good articles would be dropped to Writer and when they complained, which was expected, they would be dropped to Member and those articles stolen.

This was real.

This happened to hundreds of Staff Writers who complained on social media and on other writing sites.

Yet, users of Riprite, average users,  who didn’t know a thing, were attacking these complaining writers and creating excuses and reasons.

What do you think?

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Written by jaylar

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  1. Usually when someone started complaining the site will start paying out or approve faster so the new users are quick to believe and put in good words for them.
    Now that the newer users are getting paid or seeing money in their (site)account, it seems like the “older” complainers are whiners who just can’t get what they want … Same old tricks I’ve seen.

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