Writing Site Rip – 17

Keep this in the front of your mind.

M.Q. owned the site, Riprite.  He and his friends organised to get rid of some of the top writers and steal their work. The work of those writers would earn revenue to fill their pockets.

This was real and true.


Users of Riprite, users who knew nothing of the plot, were defending M.Q. and the site against the Writers who had been victimised.

M.Q. and his Shills felt they had walked into the Twilight Zone.   They were ripping off their users, and the users were defending them!


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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    • What shocked me was that when I was on the site I wrote a piece about a minor president of the U.S. I think it was Benjamin Harrison. Everything was fact. You could go to Wikipedia and read it.

      I was attacked and responded, just as I said above… and was dropped to Writer and when I questioned, to member, and my work was stolen.

      I complained on Hubpages I think and was attacked by every Shill… as well as average users…

      Then M.Q. closed the site and one of the Shills spelled this all out in one long post. And people attacked him, claiming all sorts of things as they did with Bubblews.

      If Arvind and Jason came here and posted that it was born a scam always was a scam… people would attack them.

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