Writing Site Rip – 16

The reality that M.Q. stumbled into is that there are those  people who write for a site and for no apparent reason, become mindless Shills.

These are nobodies who can be kicked off with a click, with no recourse, yet will attack anyone who dares to state that the site is a scam or that the ‘glitches’ are hand made by the owner.

These mindless fools, not owners, not paid shills, but nobodies, know nothing about the Site save they ‘were always paid!’

For some this ‘always’ is twice, or three times.

M.Q. had thought he would need his Duals, his friends and their Duals,  to discredit a disgruntled writer and try to make it seem s/he was lying.

He didn’t.

The Internet is full of people who are easily manipulated and will ‘defend’ a site they know nothing about.

What do you think?

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Written by jaylar

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