Writing Site Rip – 14

Writers who had seen the ‘glitch’ in their earnings, who had been dropped from Staff Writer to Writer or Member, began to complain about Riprite on various other sites.

They were instantly attacked by M.Q. (using one of his many duals) and his Shills using their duals.

M.Q. had expected this reaction.  

His Shills were doing hourly searches so as anyone who dared criticise Riprite would be gang trolled in minutes.

This is because Riprite was scamming it’s users.  

It was stealing the revenue brought in by the new users.  It was playing with the number of hits an item got.

It was lying about which items were high value and low value.

And it did confiscate the best items and kick the writers off the site.

These were facts.


What do you think?


Written by jaylar

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    • He had been a rabid Shill and Troll. He would attack you anywhere at anytime, moving from one site to another. And then, when M.Q. shut the site without a word…he was left looking like an idiot.

      He got on… I think it might have been Hubpages….not sure… cause this is wayyyy back in 2009…or earlier….and he went through line by line. How he had been at Associated Content or something like that, How M.Q. was there….on and on.

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