Would 2018 will be the last year of Kodi

Accessing something for free is always something to root for, and Kodi is the father of providing free streaming content. Formerly known as XMBC, it’s the award-winning GPL software media entertainment player that combines all your digital media on a single base plate giving you access to thousands of music, videos, podcasts files from local and international networks over the internet.

Developed by a non-profit organization, it allows you to watch your favorite movies on Netflix, Crackle, Rhapsody or stream your football team on premier league. You can have it all at Kodi while you are resting under your cozy blanket.

Kodi is available on multiple devices which can easily be connected to your television sets like Roku, AndroidTV, Firestick. Sadly, Amazon decided not to support the Kodi software and the app is not available on the Fire TV Appstore which means you’ll have to pay a certain amount to get access to Firestick. Instead, you have to jailbreak first to access it on Kodi.

Kodi takes your thirst for free content to the next level by providing third-party add-ons, which allows tech-savvy users to access material of your choice.

How Deep is Kodi in Trouble?

Kodi is a bit shady in nature. Although, using Kodi is not illegal, but third-party addons make it possible for people to access copyright content on Kodi. Due to this reason, Copyright trolls are on their toes to shut down all the add-ons that provide access to copyright content.

Upsetting news for the Premier League fans as the add-on received a High Court order to shut down the illegal video stream of the matches on Kodi. While a member of Colossus named, ‘jsergio123’ has been taken down by Motion Pictures of America MPA.

Likewise, British developer ‘The Alpha’ was targeted by Disney, Netflix and Sky who stated that Kodi add-ons had violated the intellectual property rights as the add-ons allowed to watch the illicit programs of the channels for free.

It’s pretty much self-explanatory that if you watch a newly released Hollywood movie on Kodi when it’s just available by paying for it then that’s a privacy breach and can be counted as Property theft.

Where Does Kodi Stand in 2018 Then?

It’s a big loss for the Kodi Community when renowned add-ons like UK Turk’s Playlist, Gurzil, Bennu, Fear of the Dark have all been taken down by force thanks to the Digital Economy Act DEA this year.

However, to uplift the dreading news regarding crackdowns, rumors are surfacing with the introduction of Kodi 18 named ‘Leia.’ News states we are 2-3 months away from accessing the new update, with a new look and bug fixes. Having a 64Bit, its expected a high jump this year regardless of the targeted crackdowns.

Kodi is blacklisted in the streaming world due to its abilities to stream multiple contents under one platform. Its advised to make use of a VPN for Kodi to ensure privacy and protection online while streaming. This way your IP will be kept hidden and no one would know you are streaming on the free XMBC player.

Last Call

Kodi add-ons will continue to appear and disappear while The DEA and MPA are doing what it takes to take down the infamous media player. That said its recommended to use trustworthy Kodi repositories and avoid banned repositories as those come to light instantly.

Moreover, the fear of crackdowns is increasing yet by introducing Kodi Leia it seems as if Kodi is here to stay and fight back with a much powerful update bringing reliable news for the users.


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Written by Marko Phillips

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