Window that keep room cold in Summer and Warm in Winter – Latest Invention

Chines experts have made a window that will cool the room in hot weather and keep warm in the cold weather. This unique invention can put air-conditioned out of markets. which also required a huge money to use. Scientists and engineers of South China University of Technology have created this in- such kind of design that disrupts the sunshine from entering the room and also generates solar power during that time. This window will prove to be beneficial in many ways.

That is why keeping the house cool in summer will save you from air-conditioned expenses, And in winter electricity spent on the heaters will be saved, In addition, it will also provide electricity while working as a power plant. According to the university team, their invention will cause electricity and gas bills to half.

The head of a unique window invention team and professor says, Han Lap Eep, says, That their invention is actually the organic version of the photo voltaic solar panels, Due to this, volume of electricity and gas bills will be half, and It does not spread any pollution and will require minor maintenance.

Common solar panels are made of silicone. These are relatively cheap but heavy. Professor Lap says, Prof. Lep says that if semi-transparent, low-weight and color organic solar cells are made of silicone photo voltaic Cells. So this will also look beautiful in the window, and as a result of generating electricity, the also disrupt the temperature  as well.

Prof. Han Lap and his team used the same materiel for the preparation of a multilateral window that already exists. The window contains several layers, Its outer layer reflects the ultraviolet rays involved in the sun, which produce the highest temperature, The middle layer converts solar energy into electrical, Due to this, solar power output increases and room temperature increases.


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