Why Your Company Website Should be Secured With SSL Encryption


Up until recently, a lot of website owners didn’t really have to worry about the security of their web pages, unless they were running an eCommerce store or dealing with collecting other sensitive information. However, this changed significantly as Google itself is now recommending to secure websites with HTTPS not only to make sure they’re performing well in searches but also because the increasing number of visitors is basically expecting it nowadays.

However, before we go on any further explaining why you need SSL encryption, let’s first see what it actually is.

What is a secure website?

When it comes to website security, there are numerous different factors that determine just how secure a website is, but for the sake of this article, we’ll be focusing mostly on SSL encryption. Any website whose URL is prefixed with HTTPS features an SSL encryption. The S stands for “secure”, so if you notice that it’s missing from a website’s URL (HTTP) you might want to abandon that website.

In short, the SSL encryption is making any transaction between you and the website you’re currently on secure, which means that any information you – as a visitor – decide to leave on the website will be safe from unauthorized third parties in any sense. So, it becomes quite obvious why you should want to implement it on your website as well.

That being said, let’s now see how companies can benefit from implementing the SSL encryption on their website.

It guarantees a secure connection

The last thing you want your website visitors to see once they enter your website is the “This website is not secure” message. No matter if you’re running an eCommerce, or you’re dealing with other sensitive information – and even if you’re not – people will be discouraged from doing any business with you if they don’t feel safe. That’s why you should make sure that your website is as secure as possible to avoid losing potential clients and customers before you even got the chance to present your business to them.

It boosts your website on search engines

As already mentioned, search engines will boost your rankings if your website features the SSL encryption. What this means is that websites whose URLs start with HTTPS will be moved up on search engines because HTTPS will be used as an SEO perimeter. So, to make sure that you get greater exposure and that your website is SEO-friendly, secure it with SSL. Not only will a simple “S” encourage people to do business with you, but it will also guarantee that more people come across your website in the first place.

It makes you more trustworthy

Now, it’s in every brand’s interest to be perceived as trustworthy by the audience. Simply put, if your (potential) customers can’t trust you, why would they want to do business with you in the first place? Even if you’re not running an eCommerce website you should secure your site with SSL to make it more appealing to a large audience and encourage them to interact with your brand. Some of the other industries that don’t fall under the eCommerce but that can significantly benefit from an SSL certification include the health industry, online casino and games industry, as well as the legal industry among others.

It will boost the speed of your website

Contrary to popular belief, the SSL certification won’t slow down your website. It will actually make it faster. While there are still some people who refuse to believe this, there are actually a lot of tests conducted that support this claim. So, again, if you want to improve your internet marketing efforts and make your website more SEO-friendly, you know what to do.

It will also boost UX

User experience is one of the top concerns for every website owner out there. Since user experience, or lack thereof, can either make or break you, you need to make sure that it’s on point. Young customers and website visitors are the ones who pay the most attention to this and since they make the majority of the online audience it becomes quite clear why you should cater to their needs. In the end, implementing the SSL certificate on your website will improve your conversion rates and boost your business growth.

As you can see, boosting your website with an SSL encryption will bring you a world of benefits. Not only will it make your website more secure and boost its performance, but it will also encourage people to visit your website and do business with you. Besides, SSL certificate basically became mandatory nowadays, so don’t risk falling behind your competition, but embrace all the changes that come your way, especially the ones that promise great results.

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