Why I Can’t Recommend

There is a population of writers, good writers, who have been publishing for over a decade online.   They are accustomed to knowing how much per article or how much per view/hit comment.

They expect either to be paid upfront, or that every six views, for example, equals one cent.

They are accustomed to knowing, as they log in, EXACTLY how much money they have earned.  They expect to see, for example, that they logged off yesterday with $6.95 and log on today and have $7.21.

So here is this site.

You never know how much money you have earned.

You might see you have earned $13.35 as you log off, and then log in tomorrow and have $9.95 which DOESN’T CHANGE.

You have three dozen views, comments, and your earnings HAVE NOT CHANGED.

And you can’t understand how your earnings dropped or how your earnings can be ‘PENDING’ for days and days.

Can you imagine one of these writers, asking me; “How much for a view?’  and telling them about imaginary Virils?

They’d laugh until their bellies burst.


What do you think?

Written by jaylar


    • They hope of the owners is that we are too stupid to remember our earnings from one day to another, or believe their double talk about ‘virils’.

  1. If you go to you will see EXACTLY how much money you have earned. It NEVER goes down. At this second I have 6.85c. I had 6.80 a few hours ago. This is the only site where your money is pending for a week and then goes down.

  2. I will not leave this site because it is pretty hard to find a site that will accept the type of posts that I write. I agree that it seems that the Virils change their monetary allowance but still they do pay as witnessed on the payouts that are being posted on the articles.

    • Sure… some people get paid all the time… it makes you think that ‘everyone’ but you gets paid all the time. As you can see from the posts, I am not the only one who had OVER the Threshold, so SHOULD be paid… but to NOT PAY ME… and others… our earnings are dropped.

  3. There has never been a case in which the Value of these imaginery Virls goes Up. If you had 8.23 yesterday you won’t have 8.67 today, you’ll have 7.98 or something.

    So how can I entice anyone to join, esp. those who are accustomed to paying sites?

  4. I understand what you mean …
    Virils value does fluctuate a little…
    I’ve experienced the $1.01 yesterday and then $0.96 the next day…

  5. In fairness, the virils are pretty set. How you earn them and get them is pretty standard. The thing that is hardest to remember is that from the 1-15 of any month they don’t update the stats for the writing community. So you have to go by sense of feel.

    Overall I’ve only had them take Virils from my account that I hadn’t earned.

    • How much is a Viril?

      You have to ‘trust’ the owners.

      I am not recommending a site where I Know I had $13.35 but my earnings are 9.95.

      Bit too dishonest for me.

        • DocAnderson, I’ve that happened to me too… once.
          I’ve had $9 (example) in my last month earnings … then POOF! its $8.8ish or 8.7ish the next day… The value of Virils fluctuates, that’s why it happens.

          We’ve a month whereby 5000 Virils is $4.9ish and then another month, its $4.6ish…

          • Hmm … I just think its still possible for someone to make something here but this won;t make you rich or really covers anything much …

            but at least this is not scam and do not cheat or lie …
            many writing websites are, even those that are around for years…

          • Look, Guys, if such a problem happens once it is frustrating. If it happens more than once than you have to consider why.

            I would ask you both, have you ever gotten more Virils than you thought you should?

        • Doc, I can clearly say no to getting extra Virils. At least I’m pretty confident about this. The value fluctuates, its a fact and I can understand that … I’ve seen my money raised too (although it still dropped later on) …

          I’m just explaining things … not saying Virily cheated our money or so.
          Virily has been clear and honest about that the fluctuation of the value and I’ve seen it goes up and down. Just that it goes down more often.

          • It always goes down. Further, if you look at, top right hand corner, your earnings ALWAYS GO UP. How can they not? If we were making pencils in the factory, the more pencils we make the more money we get. How can we be making pencils and yesterday had 19.00 and today 17.00?